My Services  Are :

🔮 Divination – Intuitive &  Spirit’s Guided Readings 🔮

 Tarot Card Reading, Pendulum Reading, Cowrie Divination Reading , IFA/AFA Consultation.

Private Spiritual Work, Spell-Work And Private Rituals Services

Love & Relationships Binding Spell, Attraction Spell, Domination Spell , Road Opener  & Blockbuster Spell , Success & Prosperity Spell , Fertility & Pregnancy Rituals, Separation Spell, Soul Tie Cutting Spell, Court Case & Legal Issues Spell, Resident Permit & Legalization Spell , Protection Spell , Hex Removal & Uncrossing Spell, Spiritual Cleansing, Deliverance. Plus Hand Made Blessed And Fortified Spiritual Supplies.

Reconciliation, Reconnection, Acknowledgement And Veneration Of Spirits From All Dimensions 

Personal Spirit Guides Reconnection & Veneration ( Your Chi/Ori Spirit Guides ) , Your Higher Self (Chi/Ori/Reincarnator Life Force Energy) Veneration, Ancestors Reconnection & Veneration, Ancestral Spirit Guides/Deities Reconciliation, Reconnection & Appeasement, Spiritual Wife & Husband Reconciliation & Reconnection, Spiritual Age Mates Reconciliation & Reconnection, Past Life Karma Cancellation & Paying Off Past Life Debts, Family Ancestral Curse Removal/Family Libration, Destiny Contract Adjustment,  Intercessory Between Human Beings And Spirits. ETC


Universal Spirituality & Ancient African Spiritual Practices – African Spirituality

From I ( The African Oracle ) You will learn and practice a simplified and modernized universal Spirituality and Ancient African Traditional Spiritual Practices to connect with Almighty Creator God, ArchAngels, Your Personal Spirit Guides, Your Ancestors, Your Element Of Re-incarnation Dimension Divine Spirits, Ancestral Spirit Gudies And Many Divine Spirits  And Angels  from different elements and dimensions, regardless wherever you are located in the world. Regardless of your race, religion and spiritual practice.

Through these spiritual practices, if you participate in my monthly spiritual events programs, which is for your highest good. It will help you overcome many challenges in life, doors of prosperity will open to enable you achieve many good things in life and you will get spiritual protection from divine source, spirits, enlightenment and many other benefits etc.

I Am Here For Everyone !

I am here for everyone, both Africans and Non-Africans. I do not see race but one Universal Creator God And spirits that connects us all together as one. Love Leads Here No Division.

Learn from me to understand for yourself how pure and divine our ancient African spiritual practices are compare to the world views about it.

People usually condemns whatever they do not understand, forgetting that all religion and spirituality originated from Africa and from Africans and then adjusted to fit different cultures and spiritual leaders needs, hence religion was born.

There was never a religion in the ancients times but pure spirituality to connect with Almighty God, Angels, Nature and divine spirits from all dimensions.

Even Jesus Christ who was a black man was not a religious man. He accepted everyone. It is the followers of Jesus Christ that created Christianity after the dead of Jesus Christ, which is used to control and enslave people and to separate them from their protective source of life and from connecting to Almighty Supreme God Himself as most Christians are more focus on praising Jesus Christ alone, not realizing that Jesus Christ is not the Almighty God or the Creator God but a divine aspect of Almighty God who incarnated on earth to help people base on his spiritual abilities. Jesus Christ himself depended on Almighty God when he was on earth as human .

I love Jesus Christ but i work with him as a Saint or Orisha and because his in my ancestral lineage and also because his one of the purest divine spirit , i connect to Almighty Supreme God directly without any middle man and i also work with Angels of Almighty Supreme God from different dimensions and several divine spirits and my Ancestral spirit guides from my ancestral lineage and beyond.

The Real Origin Of Jesus Christ According To The Bible

Some Biblical Evidence That Jesus Christ was a black man with a dark brown skin , woolly course hair and dark black eyes, not a blue eyed white man like people refer him as today.

Daniel 10: 5-6 ( His feet are burnished Brown Feet, legs and arms are dark brown. )

Revelation 1: 15 ( Bronze Feet ) Unheated bronze metal are usually very dark colour.

Revelation 1: 13-14 ( Jesus hair texture was referred as white wool ) Only afro hair , has wool texture.

Daniel 7: 9 ( His referred as having wool hair texture again , which is afro texture hair )

Isaiah 53 : 2 ( His human form, had no beauty and might for desire ) Not the handsome modern day Jesus Christ Picture you see nowadays . He was just an average looking black man.

Genesis 49 : 10-12 ( His eyes darker than wine, he was definitely not a blue eyes man )