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ANCIENT Spirituality

 Personal And Private Spiritual Services And Monthly Rituals Event 

Divination Service

🔮 Spirit’s Guided Divination Readings 🔮

IFA/AFA Consultation

Pendulum Divination Reading

Tarot Card Reading

Cowrie Divination Reading 

Private Spiritual Work, Spell-Work And Private Rituals Services

Love & Relationships Binding Spell, Attraction Spell, Domination Spell , Road Opener  & Blockbuster Spell , Success & Prosperity Spell , Fertility & Pregnancy Rituals, Separation Spell, Soul Tie Cutting Spell, Court Case & Legal Issues Spell, Resident Permit & Legalization Spell , Protection Spell , Hex Removal & Uncrossing Spell, Spiritual Cleansing, Deliverance. Plus Hand Made Blessed And Fortified Spiritual Supplies.



Reconciliation, Reconnection, Acknowledgement And Veneration Of Spirits From All Dimensions 

Personal Spirit Guides Reconnection & Veneration ( Your Chi/Ori Spirit Guides ) , Your Higher Self (Chi/Ori/Reincarnator Life Force Energy) Veneration, Ancestors Reconnection & Veneration, Ancestral Spirit Guides/Deities Reconciliation, Reconnection & Appeasement, Spiritual Wife & Husband Reconciliation & Reconnection, Spiritual Age Mates Reconciliation & Reconnection, Past Life Karma Cancellation & Paying Off Past Life Debts, Family Ancestral Curse Removal/Family Libration, Destiny Contract Adjustment,  Intercessory Between Human Beings And Spirits. ETC


Long Distance Kemetic Reiki Healing

Distance Is Not a Barrier. You Can Receive Your Healing From The Comfort Of Your Home.

Kemetic Reiki Healing can help heal you from spiritual afflictions, remove negative energies, sickness and medical conditions such as chronic pains, mental health illness or conditions, anxiety and depression, stress reduction. During the session my spirits of healing will be invited to perform the healing process along with me .

Kemetic Reiki Healing can enhance your quality of life, boosts mood and it can also improve some symptoms and conditions such as :
* Headaches
* Tensions
* Insomnia
* Nausea

To Book For This Ritual, You MUST First Book Spiritual Consultation With Me, So That I Can Confirm From My Spirts If They Want Me To Work For You Or Not .

Long Distance And Guided Holy Water  Blessing, Spiritual Cleansing, Water Purification And Healing Ritual

Distance Is Not a Barrier. You Can Receive Your Session From The Comfort Of Your Home.

As a water High Priestess that reincarnated to earth from water dimension i work a lot with water spirits, water Gods, Goddesses, Deities, Angels from water dimension and i also take people to river to perform water rituals and this is my long distance and guided water blessing , spiritual cleansing and healing rituals that has been approved and taught to me by my spirits .

Water is powerful source of manifestation, transformation, healing, cleansing, deliverance and it also offers many blessings and an opportunity to release, cleanse your energy, and brings in clarity, good luck, favour that will support your next phase of life

Note :  You must first book for divination reading or spiritual consultation for me to consult with my spirits if they want me to work for you or not before i can accept to book you for this water blessing and spiritual cleansing and healing session ..

During the session my spirits will be invited to perform the session along with me. They are the manifestors of the healing, blessings and cleansing

Monthly Group Full Moon Libation Prayers & Coconut Breaking Rituals Service

For Spiritual Protection, Clearing Away Negative Energies, For Bringing In Favour, Good Luck And Success .

To Participate In This Full Moon Ritual, Send me your full name, a recent picture, date of birth and country of resident.

You must order for divination reading or spiritual consulation, to enable me consult with my spirits if they accept that I work for you or not .
Spiritual Consultation Is Necessary Before Ordering This Service.

Every Month, During Full Moon For 7 Days Straight I Do Group Libation Prayers And Coconut Breaking Rituals For Myself And My Clients. 
We Connect With Divine Spirits & Archangels From The Moon Dimension To Manifest Our Wishes & Prayers Request.
Moon Is a Very Powerful Spirit That Comes To The Earth Every Month, To Assist Us With Our Needs, If We Connect With Them.
This Rituals Starts 3 Days Before Full Moon Day Uptill 3 Days After Full Moon Day, Which Makes It 7 Days Rituals.
Participation Fee For This Full Moon Rituals Is Only 100€
Note : In most cases i will ask all participants to do spiritual cleansing with egg or spiritual bath before i begin their spiritual work and prayer.

FREE Spiritual Teaching About Ancient Spirituality, African Spirituality And Universal Spirituality

Via My Facebook Pages, Tiktok, Instagram And Youtube Channel  :

 I teach about African Spirituality, Ancient Spirituality and Universal Spirituality, If your curious about African Spirituality, Ancient Spirituality and Universal Spirituality Or if Your confuse about how to start your spiritual journey or perhaps you want to learn spiritual things follow my teachings on my social media on facebook, tiktok, instagram and youtube channel.

FREE Spiritual Chat – Questions & Answers Via Facebook 

About FREE Questions & Answers Spiritual Chat  Events :

Spiritual Chat Questions & Answers Are done each time I post spiritual assignment prayers and rituals event on my social media pages, that my followers have to do and to answer spiritual questions that my fans and followers are curious to know more aout.

I will then later go online on live video stream or create a video answering their questions about my teachings or before the spiritual asssignment starts, concerning the spiritual assignment, prayers, rituals  that they have to do by themselves at their various locations.

This helps them understand the spiritual assignment better, in other to do it properly for good results and manifestation.

Upcoming Group Road Opening & Prosperity Rituals








Road Opening & Prosperity Ritual On 27th Of June 2024


Participation Fee : 100€

Program Starting Time : 19:00 CET ( Till Midnight Or As Directed By My Spirits )