3 Do As I Say – Domination Oils




Do As I Say – Domination Oil Is Multi-Purpose Spiritual Oil That Empowers The User To Control And Dominate Anyone.

Use This Oil If You Want To Control And Dominate Your Target Or Partner. With This Oil You Will Have The Power To Make Your Partner Or Target To Do As You Say.
This Do As I Say – Domination Oil Is Blessed And Fortified By Divine Spirits, Powerful Archangel's & Divine Deities From 6 Dimensions.
And It Also Contains Powerful Roots, Herbs, Plants And Spiritual Items That Specializes In Controlling And Dominating People .

You Can Use This Oil For Any Of The Below Listed Methods .
Note: I Recommend You To Anoint a Purple Candle With This Do As I Say – Domination Oil And Place The Purple Candle Holder On Your Picture Before Going On a Date Or Just To Intensify The Domination And Controlling Energy On Yourself To Empower You To Control And Dominate Your Target Or Partner When Around Them.
And Also Add Few Drops In Your Body Cream Or Lotion, So That You Will Have The Oil On Your Aura When You Go On a Date Or When Around Your Partner Or Target.
Make Sure To Do Spiritual Cleansing Before Doing The Recommended Spell For Better Result.

* Use On Body
* Add Few Drops In Body Cream Or Lotion
* Add In Bath Water
* Use In Spell-Work
* Use For Candle Prayers
* Anoint Petition Paper
* Add In Jar Spells
* Add In Mojo Bags
* Use In Oil Burner
* Use In Root-work
* Use In Hoodoo Work
* Use In Spiritual Work