Hex Removal Spiritual Bath



This Hex Removal Spiritual Bath Is Blessed And Fortified By Powerful Divine Spirits And Archangels From Different Dimensions That Specializes In Removing And Destroying Hexes, Negative Energies And It Also Brings Protection On The Users Aura.

Apart From The Divine Spirits And Archangels That Blessed And Fortified This Hex Removal Spiritual Bath, Also Contains Powerful Roots, Herbs, Spiritual Items Including Dead Sea Salt And Natural Sea Salt That Specializes In Destroying And Removing Hex, Negative Energies And Evil Spells,

The Dead Sea Salt Will Also Helps To Nourish Dry Skin And Irritated Skin And Skin Suffering From Eczema And Psoriasis.

You Will Experience Peace Of Mind, You Will Feel Light , Released And Relaxed With More Clarity Of Mind After Using This Spiritual Bath.

Important Note :

I Encourage You To Make Spiritual Bath As Part Of Your Life Style. As Cleansing Yourself And That Of Your Loved Ones, Opens The Door For Favour And For Your Natural Luck To Shine Brighter. Without Regular Spiritual Bath Your Glory Will Be Covered Or Affected By Negative Energies And Curses Blocking Your Path And Hindering You From Succeeding In Life.

And Also Before Doing Any Rituals, Spell-work, Spiritual Work And Before Going In The Presence Of Your Spirit Guides, Deities, Divine Angels & Almighty God ( The Creator ) It Is Important To Spiritually Cleanse Yourself First Because Without That, Some Spirits Will Not Come When You Call Or Invoke Them. Divine Spirits LOVES Cleanliness .

And Doing Spell-work or Spiritual Work Without Cleansing Yourself Spiritually First, Can Hinder The Answers To Your Prayers. The Spell-Work Or Spiritual Work Might Not Work .


  • Take Normal Bath First Before Bathing This Spiritual Bath
  • Add 2 To 3 Table Spoons Into  Your Bath Or Bucket Water
  • Then Pray Into The Spiritual Bath Water To Remove Any Hexes Affecting Your Life And To Cleanse You From Negative Energies And To Destroy Evil Spells On You.
  • Then Bath It After You Have Already Taken Normal Bath.
  • Air Dry Your Body Or Rinse Your Body With Fresh Water Afterwards Before Moisturizing.
  • Do Not Use On Broken Or Irritated Skin
  • Avoid Contact With Eyes
  • If Irritation Occurs Stop Bathing And Rinse With Water. All Items In This Spiritual Bath Are 100% Natural And Organic.
  • Keep Out Of Reach Of Children