IFA/AFA Consultation Live Video Reading On WhatsApp Without Question Limit


IFA/AFA Consultation Live Video Reading On WhatsApp Or Skype Without Question Limit

I will give you spirit guided and accurate IFA/AFA Consultation reading to help you have more clarity about your concerns and life path via WhatsApp Or Skype without questions limit during the session time.

This IFA/AFA divination will help review your life path information, situations and problems . It will also give you clarity about your concerns , worries and the ability to change your life positively relating to your love life and relationships, career, finances, family , friends and spiritual paths.

My IFA/AFA Consultation - Divination is a deep divination reading that can go deep in answering any spiritual questions about your Personal Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Ancestral Deities, Spiritual Age Mates, Spiritual Husbands and Wife, Destiny Contract / Oath Of Life, Past Life Debt & Karma, Ancestral And Generational Curses, Your Elemental Family Of Re-incarnation and many more, including solutions to spiritual related problems and spirits that needs recognition, reconnection , alignment , offerings and sacrifices in other for them to bless you and improve your life. Etc

So, don't stay in the dark without having insight about your situations and life path. Any information reviewed through my divination, a solution will surely be given by spirits on how to resolve the situations and problem.

With my Live Video reading via WhatsApp Or Skype , we will book a reading on a day and time that works best for us.

What To Expect From My IFA/AFA Consultation Divination Reading ?

15 Minutes Live Video Reading Via WhatsApp Or Skype  = 115 €
30 Minutes Live Video Reading Via WhatsApp Or Skype  = 230 €

Note :
If you prefer 30 minutes or 60 minutes live reading , send me a message and i can send you a custom order request.