Pre-Spiritual Work Divination Reading


Pre-Spiritual Work Reading Gives Spiritual Insight About The Spiritual Work.

This pre-spiritual work divination reading is firstly to confirm from my spirits if they accept that i work for you or not and if accepted by my spirits to work for you, during the divination I will also get spiritual insight about your spiritual work and goals and to know the best possible approach for your situation and so that my spirits will guide me on the best possible ways or methods to do your spiritual work in other to achieve the most successful result ..

You Can Order Private Spiritual Work & Spell-Work For :

Love & Relationships Binding Spell , Attraction Spell, Domination Spell , Success & Prosperity Spell , Fertility & Pregnancy Ritual , Separation Spell, Soul Tie Cutting Spell, Court Case & Legal Issues Spell, Resident Permit & Legalization Spell, Protection Spell , Hex Removal & Uncrossing Spell . I DON'T DO HEXING SPELLS OR SPIRITUAL WORK.

Spirits Appeasement, Reconnection, Alignment, Offerings, Sacrifices And Spiritual Work For :

Personal Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Ancestral Deities, Spiritual Age Mates & Spiritual Friends, Spiritual Husbands and Wife, Destiny Contract / Oath Of Life, Past Life Debt & Karma, Ancestral And Generational Curses Etc

Important Note :
Please Contact me first via Email (  before ordering my private spiritual work or spell-work service. Or You Can Order My Pre-Spiritual Work Divination Reading and I will contact you once i see your order.

Because I need to do pre-spiritual work divination reading first with my spirits to get spiritual insight about your spiritual work and if they accept that i work for you or not before i can agree to work for you or anyone. I usually don’t do any spiritual work or spell-work for anyone that my spirits reject . This is why pre-spiritual work divination reading is important before paying for this service.


For Pre- Spiritual Work Reading, Send me the following information:

1.) Your recent picture, full name, country of resident and city

2.) The type of spiritual work or spell-work that you want me to do for you to my Email Address :

What To Expect From My Pre-Spiritual Work Reading ?

This pre-spiritual work divination readings are done ONLY via E-mail . You will receive a voice recording about the information i got from your pre-spiritual work divination reading in attachments or via a link that you have to open in your email to see the recording.