Money & Prosperity Oil



This Money And Prosperity Oil Is Multi-Purpose Spiritual Oil That Will Attract Money And Prosperity Into Your Life And Business.

Use This Oil If You Want To Attract Money And Prosperity Into Your Life And For Business Owners Use This Oil To Attract More Customers And Sales In Your Business
This Oil Is Blessed And Fortified By Divine Spirits, Powerful Archangel's & Divine Deities From 6 Dimensions.
And It Also Contains Powerful Roots, Herbs, Plants And Spiritual Items That Specializes In Attracting Money And Prosperity To The Users Life And Business .

You Can Use This Oil For Any Of The Below Listed Methods .
Note: I Recommend That You Anoint a Green Candle With This Money And Prosperity Oil And Place The Green Candle Holder On Your Picture To Intensify Money And Prosperity Energy On Yourself To Enable You Attract Your Intention Quicker. If You Have a Business Location Or Shop, You Can Regularly Anoint Your Business Area With This Money And Prosperity Oil After Cleansing Your Business Area.
Make Sure To Do Spiritual Cleansing On Yourself Before Doing The Recommended Candle Spell For Better Result.

* Use On Body
* Add Few Drops In Body Cream Or Lotion
* Add In Bath Water
* Use In Spell-Work
* Use For Candle Prayers
* Anoint Petition Paper
* Add In Jar Spells
* Add In Mojo Bags
* Use In Oil Burner
* Use In Root-work
* Use In Hoodoo Work
* Use In Spiritual Work