Road Opener And Blockbuster Oil



The African Oracle Road Opener And Blockbuster Oil Is Multi-Purpose Spiritual Oil That Opens Good Doors In Users Life Path And Also Removes Blockages Preventing Manifestation Of Your Prayers, Rituals, Spell-Work Or Spiritual Work.

It Is Advisable To Do a Road Opening And Blockbuster Ritual Or Prayer Before Doing Any Spell-Work Or Rituals In Other To Remove Anything That Would Hinder Your Prayers, Aside Spiritual Cleansing.

This Road Opener And Blockbuster Oil Is Blessed And Fortified By Divine Spirits, Powerful Archangel's & Divine Deities From 6 Dimensions. Plus Herbs, Roots, Plants, Cowries & Items That Removes Blockages And Hindrances In Anyone's Life Path That Uses This Oil.

You Can Use This Oil For Any Of The Below Listed Methods .
Note: That Anointing Your Candle With This Road Opener And Blockbuster Oil & Doing Candle Light Prayer Before Any Main Spell-Work Or Spiritual Work Or Just To Remove Blockages In Your Life Is Recommended.

* Use On Body
* Add Few Drops In Cream
* Add In Bath Water
* Use In Spell-Work
* Use For Candle Prayers
* Anoint Petition Paper
* Add In Jar Spells
* Add In Mojo Bags
* Use In Oil Burner
* Use In Root-work
* Use In Hoodoo Work
* Use In Spiritual Work